Soundings January 2011

Happy New Year from Hilton Head.

We hope all of you are staying warm during this very cold winter of ’11. We have not been immune here in the South. In fact we have had snow and ice falling from the sky even in Hilton Head and the surrounding area. Of course it only lasts an hour here and the next day may be 60 degrees!

Please remember the deadline for returning your Nomination Applications for the Board of Directors is close of business (4:00pm) Monday January 31, 2011. We will be mailing them out to the Homeowners on Tuesday February 1, 2011. If we do not receive your application on time we cannot place you on the ballot. Thank you.

The Spa On Port Royal Sound is happy to announce the debut of our new Facebook Page! We will be launching on January 31, 2011. If you are a member of our email list we will invite you to join via email. The name is “SpaOn Port RoyalSound”. SpaOn is the first word Port is the second word and RoyalSound is the third word. All words are case sensitive.

The email address is The actual web address is The purpose of this site will be to keep everyone up to date on community events and information, HOA functions, etc. pertaining to our community. It will enable the management to post information in real time in order to better serve your needs. Hopefully you will help us to make this a success.

Here is an important update regarding the Hilton Head Airport expansion from President of the Board of Directors Cynthia Macalister:

Airport Update: Our local leaders have voted to extend the airport runway from 4300 ft. to 5400 ft. Most of the new length will be added to the Port Royal Sound side, closer to the Spa. The cost will be $20+ million to taxpayers. There is no commercial benefit. US Air and Delta have no plans to fly larger aircraft to Hilton Head. The only people who will benefit from the longer runway will be the owners of large private jets. They pay no landing or departure fees, so taxpayers and commercial travelers will be paying for this. The only way to stop this is if the FAA decides not to fund the project. Please E-mail Rep. Joe Wilson @; Senator Graham @; and Senator DeMint @; and ask them to help us. These E-mail addresses will lead you to their web sites and contact information. Tell them your reasons for not wanting to extend the runway– (air and noise pollution, property values, rerouting 2 roads, moving St James Church), but be sure to stress that Federal tax payers, that is all of us, do not want to spend $20+ million on the airport, when 97% of all owners and visitors come to HHI by driving over the bridge. I have written to each of these law makers, on behalf of The Spa. While 1 letter is good, hundreds could make a difference. Please do the right thing for The Spa.

Thank you,

Cynthia Macalister

The Spa would like to welcome a new addition our staff. Sandra Bonilla has joined us and will be keeping the office, buildings, and common areas clean. She replaces Calvin Gadson who is no longer with us. Please make her feel welcome in her new position.

Here are a couple of reminders. When you are paying your regime fee by check please take a moment to write your unit number on your check. If you are paying electronically please use your unit number as your account number. If you are paying for something other than your HOA Fee please note on the check or on the electronic draft memo line the exact purpose of the payment (e.g. assessment, storage, lift rental, etc.).

Remember, if you have a guest coming to your unit, they must present a valid driver’s license at the gate when they receive their pass. If they do not have a valid driver’s license (from any state or country) they will not be permitted to drive onto the property.

Please remember to check with the HOA Office before doing renovations to your unit. Also make sure that you or your contractor gets the proper permits for the work being done. The City of Hilton Head will shut down your project without the proper permits.

We are sorry to inform you that we have lost a member of the Spa Family. Bennie Peeples was a fixture in our community for many years. He passed away on January 11, 2011. The Management, Staff and the entire Spa Community wish to extend our deepest condolences to his wife Sandra and the entire Peeples family. He will be missed.

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