August 2011 Soundings


August 2011


We hope you have had a great summer.  Hot weather and thunderstorms have been the order of the day on Hilton Head (what else is new).  I think at this point we are all looking forward to fall.




A Letter From President of the Board Of Directors

Dear SPA on Port Royal Sound Homeowner,

I’m disappointed to be writing you with news of Cynthia Macalister’s resignation from the Board of Directors (see attached letter at the end of my note to you). Cynthia has been a tremendous asset to our association and one of the hardest working volunteer Board members I’ve ever known. Please join me with many Thanks for everything Cynthia has done for our association!

I would like you all to welcome Tom Jostworth who has agreed to join the board to complete Cynthia’s term as a board member, in addition to running for his own term on the board in March of 2012. We are lucky that Tom with his experience working with other boards has the time to assist us in completing the 2011 year, and if elected work with us in the future.

I have just returned from 3 enjoyable weeks at the SPA and must comment that the place appears to be well kept, and as nice as I’ve seen it in the past 5 years. Mother Nature has turned the entire East end into a lush tropical garden. Occasionally it has been difficult to cope with the volume of rainwater blessings but our crew has done a great job under the guidance of our property manager, Michael Vassallo

In order to keep this level of our site’s condition I’d like to ask for your assistance.  If you see anything that requires repair, or correction on our properties, please let us know.  You can do that by sending an e-mail to We, the Board would like to communicate with you and this will be the easiest method for us all to communicate.  A note to the board will get you an answer, and avoid the potential for incorrect information getting spread about our neighborhood.  My motto is: When in doubt, “Ask the Board”.

Lastly, there will be an election for three of the seven Board of Directors seats in March 2012.  You all have a very real stake in how the Association is operated, and it is vital that we have engaged Owners serving on the Board of Directors.  If you are not able to serve as a Director, then it is both your right and duty to vote for those you feel will represent you well.

All those interested in working on or with the Board don’t hesitate to contact the HOA President Please email me at


Frank Desiano


Julie Pinkham,

Secretary HOA

The Spa on Port Royal Sound

Dear Julie,

I am meeting with Frank Desiano, our VP, on Thursday morning, July 28, 2011. We will discuss his Presidency and I’ll offer any help that I can. So, effective at noon on Thursday, the 28th, Frank will take over as President and I’m resigning from the Board of Directors of the Spa on Port Royal Sound. Please let the rest of the Board know.

Thank you,

Cynthia S. Macalister

July 27, 2011



We have had a change in our office staff as well.  Our long time Office Manager, Cheryl Ramey retired in June.  We thank Cheryl for her exceptional service to The Spa Community and wish her a wonderful and relaxing retirement. She will be missed.

Naryi Escudero has taken over the Office Manager’s position and we have added Hope Warner to the office staff as our Administrative Assistant.



This has been the busiest summer in recent memory on the Island.  The Spa has seen more than our share of short term guests.  The pools have been full and the beach has been busy.  All in all it has been nice to see all of the smiling faces taking advantage of what we have to offer. Since this trend is relatively new we would like to make some suggestions about things to remember when renting your unit short term.  First, please remember to leave your fitness room key and your pool key in the unit for your guests.  Also, The Spa does not have wi fi.  If you want your guests to have internet access you must provide it for them in the unit.  Very often guests will ask to use the computers or internet access in the office.  For security reasons The Spa cannot accommodate such requests.    It may be a good idea to leave a copy of the property rules and regulations in each unit for the use of your guests.  If you do not have a copy please contact the HOA office so that we can provide you with what you need.  Also let your guests know where the dumpsters are located.  Finally, please remember that The Spa, its management, or our security has no jurisdiction on the beach.  It is administered, maintained and inspected by the city of Hilton Head.


Please remember that The Spa is a gated community.  As such if you want someone to visit your unit, whether it is a contractor, a day visitor, a short term guest or anyone at all you must call or email Security for a pass.  No one is admitted to the property without prior authorization.  If  you want someone to enter your unit, for example a contractor or a cleaning service, you must provide the HOA Office with a spare key and you must specifically authorize by phone or email the release of that key.  We will not give a key out to anyone without prior authorization.  No exceptions.


It is very important that units are keyed to the Master Keys.  If there is an emergency situation, such as a water leak or a plumbing problem our staff will need immediate access to the unit.  Also, we cannot perform any pest control on a unit we cannot enter. If you are already keyed to the Master, thank you, if you are not please contact the HOA Office at your earliest convenience for assistance.


For those of you who lease your units on a long term basis, we would like to remind you to inform your tenants of the $125.00 deposit fee which is payable to the HOA upon registration.  This cost covers parking stickers and picture ID’s.  $25.00 of this fee is refundable when the tenant’s lease is up.  Very often tenants come into the office and are unaware of this fee.






The key to the tennis courts is at the Security Gate.  If you or your guests wish to sign it out please tell the Guard and they will ask you to sign the log sheet.  Also, if you have an air conditioning repair person on the property and they need to get access to the roof they must get the key from the Security Gate.  Maintenance will not open the roof hatch. The key must be signed out by the AC repair tech.  We track these logs to determine which company was on the roof and at what time. If you need to install a new unit on the roof you may rent The Spa’s lift for $275.00.





Our Contact Information:



HOA Office                         (843) 689-7500

HOA Office Fax (843) 681-2017

HOA Email

BOD Email

WordPress Site

HOA Web Site


Security Office                     (843) 681-7500

Security Email

Our Office Staff:

Michael Vassallo                 General Manager

Naryi Escudero                    Office Manager

Hope Warner                      Administrative Assistant

Our Maintenance Staff:

Shine Anderson                   Maintenance Supervisor

Jerry Englum                      Maintenance Tech

Juan Lopez                         Maintenance Tech

Calvin Gadson                    Housekeeping

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