December 2011

December 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. The weather in Hilton Head has been unseasonably warm and we hope that all of you have the same luck as winter approaches. All of you should have received your year- end package from the HOA by now. It contains a letter from the President of the Board, a copy of the 2012 operating budget, your 2012 payment booklets, and nomination applications for the upcoming election of the Board of Directors. If you have not received this information please contact the HOA Office as soon as possible and we will get that information out to you. The deadline for returning your application is January 31, 2012. Once we receive all of the nomination applications we will be sending out another packet with your proxies and additional information about the annual HOA Meeting which will occur on March 3, 2012 at 8:30am. As always, if you have questions about the application process, the election process or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact the HOA Office either by telephone or by email.

FYI: there have been some changes to the maps used by FEMA for determining the various flood zones upon which our property is situated. If you have had problems with you bank regarding these changes, we have new elevation certificates for the property. If you receive any notice from your mortgage holder regarding this issue please contact the HOA Office and we will assist solving this problem for you.

Please remember that if you are having a contractor coming to your property, having a food delivery or having someone visit your unit for any reason you must call or email security. One of the purposes of our security gate is to keep unauthorized people from having access to the property. If you do not authorize a visitor they will not be given access to the property. We also ask that if you are using email as your selected method of authorizing visitors that you do so twenty-four hours in advance. If you are authorizing someone to enter the property with less than twenty-four hours notice we ask that you call the security gate.

For those of you who lease your units on a long term basis, we would like to remind you to inform your tenants of the $125.00 deposit fee which is payable to the HOA upon registration. This cost covers parking stickers and picture ID’s; $25.00 of this fee is refundable when the tenant’s lease is up. Very often tenants come into the office and are unaware of this fee.

It is very important that units are keyed to the Master Keys. If there is an emergency situation, such as a water leak or a plumbing problem our staff will need immediate access to the unit. Also, we cannot perform any pest control on a unit we cannot enter. If someone inadvertently gets locked out of the unit (it happens more frequently than you might think) we cannot assist you if you are not keyed to the Master. If you are already keyed to the Master, thank you, if you are not please contact the HOA Office at your earliest convenience for assistance.
If you would like to authorize contractors, cleaning people to enter your unit while you are out of town we suggest that you leave a spare key with the HOA Office. We will NEVER release a key without prior authorization!

The key to the tennis courts is at the Security Gate. If you or your guests wish to sign it out please tell the Guard and they will ask you to sign the log sheet. Also, if you have an air conditioning repair person on the property and they need to get access to the roof they must get the key from the Security Gate. Maintenance will not open the roof hatch. The key must be signed out by the AC repair tech. We track these logs to determine which company was on the roof and at what time. If you need to install a new unit on the roof you may rent The Spa’s lift for $275.00.


Our Contact Information:
HOA Office (843) 689-7500
HOA Office Fax (843) 681-2017
HOA Email
BOD Email
WordPress Site
HOA Web Site

Security Office (843) 681-7500
Security Email

Our Office Staff:
Michael Vassallo General Manager
Naryi Escudero Office Manager
Hope Warner Administrative Assistant

Our Maintenance Staff:
Shine Anderson Maintenance Supervisor
Jerry Englum Maintenance Tech
Juan Lopez Maintenance Tech
Calvin Gadson Housekeeping

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