With the Memorial Day weekend upon us we hope you have a safe and wonderful time wherever you may be. The weather here is great even though we have had a few too many thunderstorms lately. Please remember that the HOA Office is closed on Monday May 31.

We are happy to announce that we have finished the renovation of our indoor pool and hot tub. We have completely re-plastered both and redone the pool deck. Both are open and they both look great. You can check out some pictures on the web site.

You have received a list of potential new names from the HOA Office. Please choose three of these names in order of preference and send via mail or email back to the office by July 1, 2010. Once we tabulate the votes we will be in touch with the next step in the process.

We will be moving visitor and guest passes from the HOA Office to the Security Office in the coming weeks. We will give everyone plenty of notice before we make this change. Our goal is to have Security handle all of our paper passes. The HOA Office will still issue all parking stickers and ID cards.

Please remember that in the event of an emergency the walkways in front of your unit become emergency exits. Please make sure that your screen door closes properly and that you do not leave anything on the floor outside your unit that might be a trip hazard.

The Spa has changed its policy regarding Taxis. In the past, for various reasons, we have not allowed Taxis on to the property. We have now reversed this position. We will allow taxis to drop off and pick up at your door. However, you must call in a pass for the cab company, and you must be ready when the Cab shows up. If the Taxi driver blows the horn it may result in that Cab Company being banned from the property. With a little cooperation we can make this a convenience that our residents can count on well into the future. It will also make for a much drier experience on a rainy day.

We hope you enjoy the new umbrellas that we placed around the pool areas. We have ordered some heavier tables for the Ocean Pool so that the new umbrellas can’t tip over the tables. The shuffleboard court has been redone and we are in possession of new equipment so that everyone can enjoy it. We have ordered a locker which will be placed next to the court between the new benches. The key will be at the security gate and can be signed out in the same way as the key to the tennis courts. We hope you enjoy it!

For those who rent your units on a short term basis, or if you have guests using your unit please remember to leave the guest ID’s that you received from the HOA Office in your unit for your guests. Also remember to leave your indoor pool key and your fitness room key.

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