It’s been a beautiful spring here in Hilton Head and we hope all of you can take some time to visit and enjoy the beautiful weather. Our indoor pool renovation has begun. We will be plastering both the pool and the hot tub as well as working on the skylights above the pool. We will also paint the decking around the pool. We are on schedule for finishing in mid May.

We have received you name change suggestions and you will be receiving a letter in the next week or so from Board President Cynthia Macalister which will contain a list of all the suggestions. Please read this letter carefully as it will explain the next step we will be taking in the effort to choose a new name.

For those of you who are concerned about proposed expansion of Hilton Head Airport you can get updates by checking with or by reading The Island Packet Newspaper which is available throughout Beaufort County. However you feel about this issue it is always helpful to stay informed.

We are in the process of reconfiguring our web site so if you get a chance check it out. We have updated pictures which show our beautiful new paint scheme, as well as updated contact information for the HOA Office, the Board of Directors and the General Manager. Hopefully the new site is a little easier to navigate and a little more informative.

Here are a few reminders about rules and regulations:

1. Please remember that grilling on the back porches or walkways is strictly prohibited. It is not only a violation of Spa rules but it is against the fire code in Hilton Head. We have a wooden structure and a small spark could turn into a major tragedy. We have grills located at the waterfront near H Building and at the playground near D Building for your convenience.

2. The Spa has a NO Pet Policy. You may not bring pets onto the property for any reason. No guests or visitors may bring pets onto the property for any reason, even for a few minutes. If you see violations please call Security immediately.

3. We do not allow you to hang towels or other laundry over the railings in front or behind your unit.

4. Because of Fire Department Regulations we do not allow anything to be stored in the walkways in front of the units. This includes shoes, beach equipment, or even welcome mats. Please remember that in the event of an emergency the walkways become emergency exits and anything that might impede a quick exit or the response of an emergency worker could be the difference between a happy ending and a very sad one. We appreciate your cooperation.

Here is something to think about: It’s easy to forget that those close by can hear slamming doors, loud conversation, high volume on television and stereos, honking horns and heavy feet. Please accept this gentle reminder to live as quietly as you can. Everyone sincerely appreciates your effort. Thank you.

The Soundings is your newsletter. Feel free to drop us an email or a letter if you would like to contribute something in writing. You can also get up to date information on important issues when they come up by visiting our new bulletin board located near the mail building.

Don’t forget to send us your email address. We can save a substantial amount of postage and time if we can communicate with you via email or via the web site. Just drop us a note at and we will add your email address to our files.

For those of you who rent their units long term (longer than 60 days), please remember. . There can be no more than four people (including children) in a two bedroom unit and no more than two people (including children) in a one bedroom unit.

If you rent a storage unit remember that The Spa is not responsible for articles that may be lost or stolen. Be careful with your keys and talk to us about having your locks changed when renting a unit. If you haven’t paid your storage fees you will be receiving an invoice from the HOA Office. If your fees remain unpaid we will dispose of your possessions and change the locks on the unit.

Please remember that all locks must be keyed to a Spa master key. This is imperative because in the event of a major leak or other problem we may have to enter your unit in order to make repairs or to turn off your water. If we cannot access your unit we will have to break in which will cause damage (which will be repaired at owner’s expense). In the case of catastrophic water leak 3 minutes could be the difference between minor damage and the total flooding of three or four units. If you do not have your unit or your storage unit keyed to our master contact the HOA Office and we will give you the information that you need in order to comply.

In the near future we will be moving all passes to the Security Office. At present we issue all Guest Passes from the HOA Office and all Visitor Passes through the Security Office. In the coming weeks we will change this policy to allow Security to issue all passes for guests and visitors. We will also be establishing an email address for the Security Office which can be used to request passes

We need to work out the bugs before we put this system into place. We will be giving you plenty of notice before this change goes into effect.

Please remember that those who have visitor passes must park in visitor parking. Those who have guest passes may park in front of the buildings. For violations please call Security.

Because of the overcrowded situation in our bicycle storage areas we have a bicycle registration program. We issue a sticker, at no charge to all bicycle owners. In this way we are able to determine whether a stored bicycle is someone’s property or just something that was left behind by tenants or owners who have already moved out. To register you bicycle please bring it to the HOA Office along with your Spa ID. If you do not have a Spa ID please stop into the HOA Office during normal business hours and we will be happy to accommodate you.

If you have maintenance issues please call the HOA Office to schedule repairs. If you let us know we can properly prioritize the repair schedule and also record what the problem was and when it was fixed for future reference. If you simply stop a maintenance person and ask them to fix something immediately you may be preventing them from adequately responding to a higher priority repair.

The pool hours are 8:00am to 10:00pm.

The fitness room is open between 8:00am and 10:00pm.

The tennis courts are open from 8:00am until dusk. The key to the tennis courts is available at the security office during operating hours.

The Shuffleboard court will be open in the next ten days. The hours are 8:00am until dusk and the key for the equipment locker will be available at the security Office during operating hours.

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