A Letter From The President of theBoard of Directors

March 16, 2012

Dear Homeowner,

Thank you to all who attended our Annual Homeowners’ Party on March 2nd. We had a wonderful time and once again there was great food and great company. It was a very successful event.

Thank you to all that attended this year’s Homeowners Meeting on March 3rd, the following quick summary is what you all heard and will be helpful to our owners that couldn’t make this year’s meeting.

Wi-Fi Hotspots have been established at all of the Pools. The directions to log on are available on our website. Thanks to our GM Michael, for achieving this Board’s requested challenge.

We’ll continue to look for ways to improve our Spa community. Some things that we’re looking into, are improving the children’s playground area, adding to the family barbecue/picnic areas, improving the amenities available to all owners by offering some potential Tennis Lessons, Aerobics, Yoga, Swimming/Exercise classes.

Please make sure YOUR villas’ door is keyed to The Spa’s Master Key System.  If your unit is currently not keyed to our Master Key, The Spa will pay for your unit to be keyed to the Master Key System set from March 12th to April 13th 2012. After that there will be a $100.00 fine assessed to your account for not conforming to this required section of The Spa’s Master Deed and YOU will be charged for the re-keying of your unit. If our staff can’t get into your unit during an emergency YOU, THE OWNER, WILL BE TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DAMAGES, REPAIRS AND EXPENSES CAUSED BY THE EMERGENCY.

We’re asking all owners to look at their water heaters. If they’re 10 years old and no longer on a manufactures warrantee, please replace them. The damage from an old water tank that leaks due to rust will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

We’re also asking you to turn off the water to your unit if you’re away from home for longer than a few days. This is to minimize the damage that can occur from an empty unit pouring water for an extended period of time. If your shut off is hard to close and/or hard to reach consider having a new ball valve shut off installed in your unit. Please contact the HOA Office for more information.

Please have your air conditioners serviced. This will save you money and energy. In addition, please keep the area in the AC closet free from clutter; that will block air from accessing the unit. Change the filters regularly, dirty filters can cause your AC unit to ice up. Also, insure that the condensation drains are clear. During high humidity days your AC can dump 20 gallons of water each day. If the drains are clogged, that can cause a lot of water damage and mold formation. As the owner YOU will be responsible for all the damage that is caused to your unit, as well as any other unit affected.

To protect yourself it is recommended that you keep your H06 insurance policies up to today’s standards for adequate coverage.

We are trying to make The Spa more accessible to everyone. Our current websites are: thespaonportroyalsound.net and thespaonportroyalsound.com. We also have a Facebook page: facebook/thespaonportroyalsound. Please visit and comment on these sites often. If you have questions about The Spa and our finances, please let us know. You can also contact the office at: hoaspa@hargray.com or get in touch with any Board Member, to discuss any items that you need answers to.

As we do at every Annual Meeting, we elected new Board Members. This year we had 8 owners run for 4 open Board positions. I want to thank all that ran for the Board, it was appreciated. John VanHorn, Tom Jostworth and Shelby Baker were all elected to a 2 year term. Patience Rush was elected to a 1 year term, replacing Arlene Smith who resigned when she sold her villa earlier this year.

We also thanked Sam Einfeldt for his 10 years of service, he volunteered as a member of the Board Of Directors at The Spa On Port Royal Sound, his service was appreciated with a round of applause.

The GOAL of the 2012 Board Of Directors is providing a serene, safe and healthy living environment for all residents, guests and visitors. We pride our team in working together and volunteering for the greater good of The Spa On Port Royal Sound’s community.

Please get in touch with any of us if you have questions, concerns or you just want to “talk” about The Spa. Your 2012 Board Of Directors are as follows:

Frank Desiano                                    President                                                                     

John Van Horn                                   Vice President

Tom Jostworth                                   Treasurer

Shelby Baker                                       Assistant Treasurer

Julie Pinkham                                      Secretary

Patience Rush                                      Assistant Secretary

Bob Lynch                                             Member at Large                                                    

The Spa is prepared with a Hurricane/Emergency plan should an event ever occur. Michael Vassallo GM, Frank Desiano President and Julie Pinkham our Board Secretary, have additional responsibilities. In the event that The Spa is severely damaged, for instance a Hurricane/Emergency those who live in the Hilton Head area must leave. Michael Julie and I will be able to maintain contact with Spa owners, local officials, insurance agents, our banks, etc. We will be our first line of defense in getting us back on our feet. We now have a virtual office set up that will keep us in touch through the above websites and Facebook page.

Have A Wonderful Spring,

Frank Desiano

President, HOA

The Spa On Port Royal Sound

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