Greetings from Hilton Head. It was wonderful to see all of you at the annual HOA Meeting which took place on Saturday, March 6, 2010. Here is a summary of the weekend’s events for all of you who may not have been able to attend.

The annual election of the Board of Directors was held. Those elected are as follows: Cynthia Macalister, Linda Klatt, and Sam Einfeldt. Cynthia, Sam, and Linda will be serving two year terms. The Board then held a meeting to elect its officers. The results of that election are as follows:

President Cynthia Macalister

Vice President Arlene Smith

Treasurer Bob Lynch

Secretary Julie Pinkham

Member at Large Frank Desiano

Member at Large Linda Klatt

Member at Large Sam Einfeldt

This year we were also voting on changing the Master Deed in order to change the name of our complex from The Spa On Port Royal Sound to Beach City Villas. Although the overwhelming majority of our homeowners voted in favor of the change the measure failed to reach the 67% of eligible homeowners required to make such a change. You will be receiving information from the Board of Directors on the name change in the next few days.

We thank all of you who participated either by sending your proxies or by voting in person.

As all of you who attended the HOA Meeting are aware, our painting project is now complete. The difference is striking. Our contractor, Kyle Mulligan did a wonderful job with the painting and with all of the carpentry repairs that preceded it. For all of you who have paid your assessment we thank you very much. For those who have not, please be advised that the final payment is due on April 1, 2010. If you have not been in contact with the HOA Office regarding your payments we urge you to do so immediately. Homeowners who are delinquent in these or any other fees will have liens placed on their units immediately and will be responsible for all legal fees that may result.

A number of homeowners at The Spa have had successful short term vacation rental programs. Many owners use their villas for their own vacations and then rent other weeks during the year to help pay their costs. All but a few of the homeowners live out of state and we have had a good support system by our homeowners at The Spa to help other owners with rentals. At this time, we all do our own bookings and rentals.

There is a new effort at The Spa to continue with the above support system and to work on updating and improving it for the future. At the Annual Meeting, Arlene Smith informed everyone about this new effort and requested that any interested homeowners contact her with their name, villa number, e-mail address and phone number. Arlene is putting together an Excel spreadsheet of all homeowners interested in short term rentals which will be shared ONLY by those contributors to the list.

As the program develops, further information will be communicated through the Soundings. For further information, please contact Arlene Smith, 610-584-5135 or

Please remember if you see anything going on which is in violation of the rules and regulations of our community please call security. They in turn will provide a written report to the HOA Office and action will be taken to correct the problem. If you see criminal behavior call the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department or dial 911. If you see a problem which needs to be addressed by our maintenance staff please call the office so that the repair can be scheduled. If you ask our staff to fix it without notifying the HOA Office they will tell you to schedule it with the office. We do this in order to make sure that high priority repairs are done in a timely manner.

Members of the Board of Directors are attending meetings regarding the Hilton Head Airport and will be keeping you up to date on developments in the coming weeks and months. This subject is also reported on a regular basis in our local newspapers which you can read from the newsstand or online.

Here is something to think about: It’s easy to forget that you have neighbors close by who can hear slamming doors, loud conversation, high volume on television and stereos, honking horns and heavy feet. Please accept this gentle reminder to live as quietly as you can. Everyone sincerely appreciates your effort. Thank you.

The Soundings is your newsletter and we are always interested in issues that are important to homeowners. Feel free to drop us an email or a letter if you would like to contribute

Don’t forget to send us your email address. We can save a substantial amount of postage if we can communicate with you via email or via the web site. Just drop us a note. Our email address has changed to We will add your email address to our files. Our web address is http://www. You will never be spammed and your email address will never be shared with anyone else.

For those of you who rent their units long term (longer than 60 days), please remember that your tenants must pay a $125.00 per deposit. Once paid they will receive their ID cards and up to two parking stickers. If there are no fines assessed during their tenancy they will receive $25.00 when they move out, provided they turn in their ID cards and their parking stickers.

There can be no more than two vehicles per unit. For short term rentals can be no more than six people (including children) in a two bedroom unit and no more than four people (including children) in a one bedroom unit. For long term rentals there can be no more than four people in a two bedroom unit (including children) and two people in a one bedroom unit (including children). We have limited parking for a third car for a $50.00 per month fee. For information please call the HOA Office. If you are leaving a car on property for a long period of time while you are out of town please park it behind the HOA Office so that in case of a fire or other emergency we do not have to tow it from in front of the building.

If you rent a storage unit remember that The Spa is not responsible for articles that may be lost or stolen. Be careful with your keys and talk to us about having your locks changed when renting a unit.

Please remember that all locks must be keyed to a Spa master key. This is imperative because in the event of a major leak or other problem we may have to enter your unit in order to make repairs or to turn your water off. If we can not access your unit we will have to break in which will cause damage (which will be repaired at owner’s expense). In the case of catastrophic water leak 3 minutes could be the difference between minor damage and the total flooding of three or four units. If you do not have your unit or your storage unit keyed to our master contact the HOA Office and we will give you the information that you need in order to comply

Remember to have your guests park in visitor parking.

Because of the overcrowded situation in our bicycle storage areas we have instituted a program of bicycle registration. We are issuing a sticker, at no charge to all bicycle owners. In this way we will be able to determine whether a stored bicycle is someone’s property or just something that was left behind by tenants or owners who have moved.

We will be resurfacing our indoor pool and spa beginning on April 12, 2010. The indoor pool and spa will be closed between two and four weeks to enable this renovation. You will continue to have access to the fitness room during this process except on the day or two that it will take to repaint the pool deck. Please bear with us during this renovation. We expect the results to be as dramatic as they were when we renovated the outside pools. The two outside pools will open on April 1, 2010. The pools hours are 8:00am to 10:00pm every day. Please feel free to enjoy our newly refurbished shuffleboard court as well

Our business hours are between 8:00am and 12:00pm and between 1:00pm and 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Our security gate is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all holidays. If there is no answer they may be on a call. Please leave a message.

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