Dear Spa Owner:
The Spa Board wanted to update home owners regarding the rezoning request of 217 Beach City Road, known as Beach City Place. The property was foreclosed and repurchased at a greatly reduced rate by some of the same investor involved previously during the summer 2013 rezoning meetings.
We wanted to notify you that persons involved with the property had originally applied for rezoning of R4 (4 homes per acre) to R12 (12 homes per acre) designation. The recent repurchasing group is now requesting rezoning R4 (4 homes per acre) to R8 (8 homes per acre, which would be 64 structures on the Beach City Place property). This change would still permit the property to increase the density (population) on Beach City Road. At this time, we are unsure of what type of multi-family structures would be built, if the increase density rezoning permit passes. The current group has not been forthcoming with its intent or plan.
The next meeting is Wednesday, November 6, 2013. If you wish to share your concerns regarding this rezoning, please submit them via e-mail to Jayme Lopko at by November 4, 2013. Jayme Lopko (AICP, Senior Planner) will hand carry your letters.
Below is a sample statement that other Spa owners have submitted.
Dear Town Council:
As owners at The Spa on Port Royal Sound on Beach City Road, we would oppose any effort to rezone 217 Beach City Road on the grounds that it will change the character of the neighborhood and overly burden the existing infrastructure.
Feel free to include addition concerns here…..
Home Owner’s Name and Phone Number and Villa Number
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