Spa Noise Policy

Spa Noise Policy

It is always in everyone’s best interest to be as considerate as possible when it comes to making noise.  That being said, it is important that we try to quantify not only what our rules and regulations state but also the intention behind the rules that have been adopted by the HOA.

  1. Contractor Hours 8:00am to 6:00pm all seven days

Exceptions to this rule are for emergency HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical Repairs.  These repairs may be completed as necessary.

  1. Quiet Hours       10:00pm to 7:00am all seven days

Loud music, loud televisions and any type of argument are never tolerated.  If any of this noise can be heard outside of the walls of the unit the noise is deemed to be excessive.

Beyond that people must understand that between the hours of 7:00am and 10:00pm every effort is made by management and security to allow people to enjoy the property with as little restriction as possible under the guidelines set forth by the rules and regulations and the master deed and by-laws.

If you feel that someone is in violation of rules and regulations please do not hesitate to call security. If you do not call security the management cannot help to alleviate the situation. Security is the eyes and the ears of the HOA. It is extremely important that they relay the details of any situation to the HOA Office. Otherwise, progress cannot be made. Security is required to respond to every call they receive. If they knock on your door they are only doing what they are instructed to do please understand the overriding principle is to create a situation which is enjoyable for everyone.  If you call security you may not see their response. In certain situations they are trained to be as invisible as possible so that they can understand the nature of a call without being noticed.  Depending on the situation, they may or may not follow up with the person reporting the issue. If it is a noise complaint they are trained to stop the offending behavior as quickly as possible, if they stop the noise and it returns please call again. A second violation on the same day will result in an automatic fine. That being said, frivolous or misleading calls to security which are deemed to be consistently unfounded may also lead to action being taken by the HOA.

For those of you who rent their units long term, your tenants are given a copy of the rules and regulations when they register with the HOA Office. For those of you who rent on a short term basis it is your responsibility to provide this information to your guests.

Our intention is to create an atmosphere whereby people can enjoy themselves in whatever way makes them happy. We anticipate that we can expect your cooperation in this area.

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