Time Warner Cable Update

*****Important Information**********

We received the following communication from Time Warner Cable. Please make a note of the times mentioned below:

Our scheduled cutover for the new node to service the Spa is 04/30/2015 1AM-5AM. Your residents will experience a total loss of services while this work is completed. This will activate the node which sits on your property. Following this activation, Knight will begin tying in the new taps and amplifiers which are being prepped for installation this week by Mike Horton (Knight). When your node is active, Mike and his crew will tie in each new leg and various portions of customers will experience outages throughout the day between 9AM and 5PM. If they do not complete all of the work on the 30th, I have a second planned outage ticket for the following day May 1 scheduled from 9AM-5PM for this to occur.

Please notify your residents of this scheduled work and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for all of your cooperation throughout this project.

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