Short Term Rentals

If you rent you unit on a short term basis it is important that you leave a copy of the rules and regulations in the unit. You are responsible any damages or fines incurred by your guests! It is also important that you explain that the HOA Office is not a hotel office. We have people coming into the office on a daily basis asking for towels, soap and other guest services which are provided by hotels. We have people calling to have us call them a cab or make dinner reservations. We are not a concierge service. If you leave a number it should be your number. You are the landlord not the HOA Office. We cannot send maintenance if your dishwasher is not working or the bulb is burned out in your kitchen.
If you rent your unit it is imperative that you have someone locally who can deal with these types of issues.
Also, no keys are to be left with Security. They cannot give keys out to your guests nor can they take keys from owners for any reason.Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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