Feral Cat Program

Dear Residents,

Because of the growing number of cats and litters of kittens born in our community, we have decided to begin a Trap/Neuter/Return (“TNR”) program.  The population of cats is growing, and our goal is to reduce the number of kittens and litters born on the property by having the adult cats spayed and neutered, as well as kittens large enough for the spay/neuter surgery.  The cats and kittens will be humanely trapped using “Havaheart” traps, causing no harm to them.  They will be taken to a local Spay/Neuter clinic run by Hilton Head Humane Association.  The cats will be spayed or neutered, given all vaccines, and their left ears will be tipped so that it will be clear that they have been part of a TNR program.  Two days after their surgeries, they will be returned to the location where they were trapped to live out their lives on the property. 

A volunteer from a rescue group has come forward to begin the TNR program here at The Spa.  Beginning in early September, she will be setting out traps to train the cats and kittens to approach the traps for food.  It is extremely important that residents refrain from any feeding of the cats while this process is taking place.  The cats and kittens must at that point ONLY be fed in the traps for several days until the trapping date is set, possibly a week later.  Our volunteer will handle the daily feeding of the cats, and will ask for the help of interested residents.  Cat food will be provided for those interested in assisting in the trapping process.

More information will be provided in early September.  You can find out more about TNR programs at the “Alley Cat Allies” website, www.alleycatallies.org.

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