Home Owner Rules


HOA Office: (843) 689-7500 – hoaspa@hargray.com

Spa Security: (843) 681-7500 – spasecurity@hargray.com 

Rules and Regulations

1. Occupancy Short Term (1-59 Days): One (1) Bedroom = Four (4) People

Two (2) Bedroom = Six (6) People

Occupancy Long Term (60 Days or Longer): One (1) Bedroom = Two (2) People

Two (2) Bedroom = Four (4) People

2. All owners and long term residents must register at the office. All registration fees for long, term renters must be paid within ten days of occupancy (These fees if not paid by the long term renters, will become the responsibility of the unit owner.)

3. Owners and residents must request in advance Guest passes for their visitors or vendors from security. It is the responsibility of those requesting passes that all the rules and regulations of the Regime are followed by these individuals.

4. All residents shall exercise extreme care to avoid unnecessary noise, which is defined as noise that can be heard beyond the perimeter of the unit.

5. Place all unit refuse/garbage inside the appropriate containers located on the property. Throwing items from the balconies is strictly prohibited.

6. For fire safety reasons no personal items including floor mats may be placed on the walkways. Further, the cleanliness of the walkways outside of the unit is the responsibility of the owner/tenant.

7. No objects are allowed on any walkway or porch railings. Storm doors must be properly maintained and close tightly as not to present a hazard. Any decorative objects on porches must be properly secured so as not to pose a hazard. Also decorative items shall conform to the standards of the community. Antennas, satellite or DSS dishes are only permitted on the roof and must be installed by approved contractors. The Regime maintains the right to remove any objects that pose a hazard or are deemed inappropriate.

8. No cooking/grilling is allowed on the porches. The only approved areas for grilling are those where the Regime has installed grills for the use of owners and tenants.

9. The porches shall not be used as storage areas and free of hazardous materials. Enclosed porches shall not be used as bedrooms.

10. No pets are allowed on the property with the exc

11. All exterior window treatments (white) and alterations that effect the outside appearance of the units must be uniform as defined by the Master Deed and approved by the HOA office. This includes but is not limited to, storm doors, exterior doors, and windows.

12. Advertising and soliciting is strictly prohibited on the property. This includes but is not limited to posting signs including for sale signs on vehicles, and commercial signage on vehicles.

13. Commercial vehicles are not permitted on the property overnight without all signs, lettering or logos being covered. This includes vehicles that are obviously used for commercial purposes.

14. Fishing or crabbing is not allowed in the lagoon or from the pier.

15. Residents shall obey the rules posted by Hilton Head Island on the beach and follow all other laws and ordinances applied to the use of beaches and waterways.

16. All pool and hot tub posted rules are to be obeyed in addition to all rules governing common areas.

17. All exercise room posted rules are to be obeyed in addition to all rules governing common areas.

18. All tennis area posted rules are to be obeyed in addition to all rules governing common areas.

19. Use of common areas, are a privilege shared by all residing on the property and it is expected that after each use, residents will leave the area clean and neat. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in common areas. Loitering is not allowed in the common areas. Residents with children are required to supervise their activities at all times.

20. Bicycles, in-line-skates, skateboards and similar conveyances are not allowed in common areas. All bicycles must be registered with the HOA office.

21. Fireworks of any kind are not permitted on the property.

22. All instructions, criticisms or requests regarding the Regime staff, vendors and contractors are to be made through the general manager and/or those delegated by him. Interaction with the above shall be conducted in an appropriate manner.

23. All vehicles on the property must have a parking decal or a prominently displayed parking pass. Each unit may have a maximum of two decaled vehicles. All vehicles on the property must have current registration; insurance, driven by validly licensed individuals and all laws of the State of South Carolina apply to the operation and ownership of vehicles on the property. Security can request above documentation at any time.

24. All vehicles will obey the signed instructions regarding speed and parking.

25. The following are not permitted on the property, mopeds, motorcycles, trucks over 1 ton GVWR, tractors, boats, trailers, or recreational vehicles with the exception of contractors performing work on the property or trucks making deliveries.

26. Washing and vehicle maintenance is not permitted on the property. Vehicles leaking material on the property must be repaired or removed.

27. The Regime management may at any time without prior warning remove any vehicle, which is in violation of any vehicle rule or regulation.

28. The Regime is not liable for any damage to or done by vehicles on the property.

29. The use of the meeting room shall be governed by the current rental agreement used at the time the room is reserved.

30. All unit locks must be keyed to the Regime master key, which will be maintained by the Regime management.

All those on the Regime property are governed by all local, state and federal ordinances and laws.

Violators of the rules and regulations of the regime are subject to fines and/or loss of privileges on the Regime property.