The Sound

Port Royal Sound at Low Tide

Have fun navigating around the above photo of Port Royal Sound at low tide with your mouse and the pop-up controls.

The Spa as its name implies is on Port Royal Sound on the north end of Hilton Head Island. The wave action on the Sound is gentler than on the ocean and the shoreline more protected. As you look out across the water the ocean can be seen to the right of the barrier islands to our north.

Living on open tidal water is to experience continuous changes with the tides, weather conditions and activity on the water. There is nothing like a sunny day looking out at the Sound, but the drama of storm clouds on the horizon has its own appeal.

The stone structures that appear in many of the photographs are groynes. They are part of Hilton Head Island’s successful and ongoing beach regeneration program.

Fishing on the Sound is a very popular pastime including casting from shore. Clams are abundant in the flats during low tide and old oyster beds are visible along the shore.

As the residents of The Spa community often say, “Why live on an island if you don’t live on the water?”