The Spa on Port Royal Sound is located on the quiet, northern shore of Hilton Head Island.  Our beach and adjoining parklands provide an environment for some of nature’s most interesting inhabitants.

The Birder’s Guide to Hilton Head, SC and the Low Country names The Spa area “one of the best places on the coast of South Carolina to view shore birds.” And it is wonderful to watch our baldhead eagles fish in the Sound. Bird lovers and nature photographers often rent units at The Spa just so they can be close to the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Dolphins are often in the sound and can be observed from the shore. Many residents fish and at low tide dig for clams. The area is also known for its oysters and some old beds are right off of our beach. And beachcombers can find a large variety of shells.

The adjoining woodlands offer a sanctuary for many deer that use the Sound for a salt lick.

Adding the above to seeing the sun rise over Port Royal Sound as you walk the beach early in the morning is priceless!